Fitness Fatigue 700x340 - Bodybuilding and Overcoming Daily Fitness Fatigue

Bodybuilding and Overcoming Daily Fitness Fatigue

“How can you have a great workout without having to feel so tired the rest of the day.” The answer might surprise you.

You probably know women and men that are so busy, that the only time they can workout is at 5:00 in the morning. Maybe you have to do that too. I worked out with several of these people and found out what they do for a living and why they’re working out so early.

Turns out that they are doctors, lawyers, sports therapists, construction workers, security guards, parents, one was even a US Congressman. They all enjoy working out, but several mentioned about feeling fatigued the entire day (after having a good workout).

So I set out to find an answer to this problem.

Bodybuilding and Overcoming Daily Fitness Fatigue - Bodybuilding and Overcoming Daily Fitness FatigueMany of these people were taking protein supplementation. It’s great for helping you to be relaxed, but can contribute to the feeling of being tired. Kind of like the “sleepy” feeling after having a large meal. But with a good workout, you really have to be taking protein to fully realize the benefits of these “intense” workouts.

I also found that many of these people weren’t getting enough sleep. They were lucky to get 7-8 hours of sleep, although some claimed only 5-6 hours at most, as the rest of their lives were very busy (hence the reason for early morning workouts). So even just adding an hour of sleep each night, if possible, can really help.

Gakic - Bodybuilding and Overcoming Daily Fitness FatigueSome of these people were drinking workout drinks with caffeine. While this is great to get “going” in the morning, the residual effect can be a “tired” feeling the rest of the day, unless they drink some more caffeine (which can then keep one from being able to go to bed that night to get enough sleep).

But… the most surprising answer came from someone that had been working out for 25 years. He told me he found a new supplement that was college documented to improve strength in the gym, and yet prevents fatigue while working out. He said he did not get nearly as much fatigue during his workouts anymore, and he did not feel fatigue during the day either.

The supplement he was referring to is called GAKIC from Muscletech (GAKIC is their trademark). I’m not putting any type of self-serving affiliate link in this article, as you’ll have to find this supplement on your own. I got some at GNC. This guy said he’d just started taking it and has felt great during the day, after an intense workout.

GAKIC stands for Glycine-l-Arginine-alpha-Ketoisocaproic Acid Calcium. It doesn’t have creatine or any stimulants (as far as I can tell). You may recognize that it has l-arginine which is the main ingredient in many of the nitrous oxide type of supplements… but I can’t tell if this product enhances the NO pathways or if it’s the calcium that seems to delay fatigue. Either way, I heard it’s good stuff. The manufacturer claims that it works the first time you take it and that it’s powerful enough that you are supposed to only take GAKIC on workout days, so one container lasts about a month.Fitness Fatigue - Bodybuilding and Overcoming Daily Fitness Fatigue

I tried it and did not get a tired feeling when working out, and did indeed feel good all day long. If you find yourself just getting exhausted during or after a workout, GAKIC could be worth checking out.

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